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Well, I have to admit: I haven’t been very active lately, More specifically in couple of years.

Time flies, my friends.

We all know what is going on around the world, the Covid-19 crisis. And let me tell you this: it is not time to be skeptical. It is time to take care of yourself and you loved ones.

Together, this crisis will be beaten. And I want to believe; maybe the World will rise from this as a better place.

Be safe, everyone.

Global Business Register – Don’t fall for this scam either

So, as an entrepreneur you receive a lot of unsolicited email. Some legit, some not so legit. And some are devised to steal you money.

I received this today

Ladies and Gentlemen.

In order to have your business inserted in
the registry of Universal Companies for the
2018/2019 edition: please print, complete
and reply with the attached form
(wbl-fq.jpg) or send it to this address:

World-Business List
Postbox 34
3700 AA Zeist

Fax: +31 30 310 0126

Updating is free of charge!

You received our message because this address
is listed in our system as being a company.
If we’re mistaken please reply with the word
‘remove’ as subject and we’ll delist this
email address from our database accordingly.


Now, these fuckwits are only after your money. You will get nothing. Here is what you are supposed to fill and get inserted to Global Business Register “for free”.

Don’t forget to read the petite print.

The quality of the jpg-image they send for you to sign, is of terrible quality. Assholes.

The Õura Ring – Revolutionary wearable, or modern snakeoil?

The biggest startup event, the Slush of Finland [1], was more interesting this year than ever. Much talent, much enthusiasm, much hype. All for the best of mankind.

How is it then, that the Pathoskeptic always seems to get irritated by some minor details.

Finnish company Õura, previously JoutZen, introduced new models of their revolutionary welfare rings. The new ones are far cooler than the old, bulkier models, that made you look like .. what exactly?



The new models as sexier, smaller and more expensive than the previous ones. Hooray, Õura [2].



What does this ring do, actually? According to Õura’s marketing..

“it measures the physiological signals of your body, understands your lifestyle, and guides you to make your own optimal daily choices.”

It also appears, that all this is based on hard scientific facts [5].

Exactly what kind of science is Õura’s sleep analysis based on, remains unclear to an animal like myself. My bad, I admit.

Remarkably, the Õura ring seems to be a brainchild of some of the same people, who devised the infamous Finnish ear-light scam, Valkee, which was recently re-branded as HumanCharger [6].


With this magnificent innovation, Valkee managed to be awarded with the Huuhaa-price by Finnish Skeptics Association for “successfully marketing a poorly researched bright light headset which they claim cures a multitude of symptoms such as jet lag, migraine and seasonal affective disorder” [4].

Well, there is no doubt the Õura Ring works, as it is wearable in your finger. It also quite obviously does measure something and it communicates with your mobile using Bluetooth.

Actually,  Valkee’s earlight[7] did work also; it had a light and it did fit into your ear. This is unlike the infamous Russian Ass Buzzer, which did not buzz nor did it fit into your ass.








[7] Let there be Valkee – How a Finnish startup managed to fool everyone

The ultimate source of energy: Dreaming

The dream of perpetuum mobile, a machine that creates it’s own energy,  will never go away.

There was a great creation of this concept, using sheep skin and a wooden carriage, that was build by Mikko Mikonpoika Minkkinen (1858-1930)  in middle Finland. His original design can now been seen in Finnish National museum in Helsinki.

That beats the hell out of most modern over-unity designs, if you should ask me.

But it is always a sure bet to invoke quantum mechanics, Richard Feynman and (“not”)perpetual  motion, to make a complete fool of yourself , if you are so inclined.

I am not sure how reliable this “Power Electronics” website is supposed to be, but reading something like the following, feels like stepping barefooted on a pile of dog shit:

“There are several theories in physics that propose the source of the electromagnetic energy, which is carried by streams of virtual photons emanating from the atomic electron. Whatever the source may be, it is intrinsic and abundant. The notion of a motor driven by permanent magnets alone is therefore feasible and cannot be dismissed as defying conservation of energy.”

A job well done.



Liquid cats

This years Ig Nobel [1] reminds me of an incident, when I was visiting my friend and went to the toilet. When trying to wash my hands, I found out that the sink was already filled and I was unable to drain the content.


Cat, behaving like a liquid/ William McCammentCC BY-SA

Even as a pathological skeptic, I must admit that cats certainly seem to be responsible of this universes most inexplicably unexpected and therefore unexplainable phenomena, all the way from quantum mechanics to chaotic behavior of fluids.

Anyone knows how to write a viscous stress tensor for a cat?

[1] The Question That Won Me the Ig Nobel Prize: Are Cats Liquid?

Reference frame – to what, exactly?

Luboš Motl is one of my favorites, sort of. He is a Czech theoretical physicist. He was an assistant professor at Harvard University from 2004 to 2007. Since then, he hasn’t published anything. They say he did not actually fit into academia and had to leave.

But he still want’s to make an impression he is a practicing scientist. Maybe he is, i don’t know, but at least he does not hold academic positions anymore.

Luboš write a blog, “The Reference Frame”, which I frequent for fun. Not to say that the blog never contains anything above entertainment values, but since the blog is mostly about disagreeing with string theory opponents with abuse and insults, the real value of his writing is easily shadowed.

He loathes scientists like Lee Smolin, Peter Woit and Sabine Hossenfelder, calling them crackpots and worse [3]. That is a weird position in science, where disagreeing and conversing is most important.

Try commenting Luboš’ blog and say something nasty about string theory. It is quite possible you will be banned immediately.

Luboš Motl may be intelligent and was once a competent scholar. But is also, among other ultraconservative fog that I leave aside, blinded by climate change denialism. That is to say, that he is not a completely rational being either.

But hey, who am I to judge!

It is hard to know what makes a man behave like a raving meta-monster from hell, even though he should not be completely ignorant.

[1] Luboš Motl

[2] The Reference Frame

[3] Sabine Hossenfelder’s blog

Here’s The Settlement—Getting The License Back Was Rossi’s Top Priority

This unbelievable stupidity is still going on. While morons can be found in abundance, Rossi is ready for an other round with his scam.


In the settlement between Rossi and his US licensee IH, Rossi got the license back together with all E-Cat equipment and materials, while none of the parties will have to pay damages to the other. Getting the license back was his top priority all the time, Rossi explains in this interview.

[Here’s the document defining the terms of the settlement(un-disclosed source)].

“To us, the most important thing was to regain complete ownership of the IP and of all the rights that were conceded through the license. At this point, it had become very clear that a continued collaboration had become impossible because of the choices IH made and because of other reasons. The development, the finalization, and the distribution of the technology—any agreement regarding this would have been impossible,” Rossi told me during an interview via Skype on July 15.

The settlement was drafted on July 5, 2017…

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