Would you buy a used cold fusion reactor from this man?

Let’s be honest. Cold fusion is something we all would like to see to work.  A dream of almost unlimited and cheap energy.

But it is just a fantasy,  is it not? Too good to be true.

Ever since 1989, when Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons made their infamous claim of cold fusion,  which turned out to be an epic failure, the research of this fringe science has been widely discredited by the scientific community.

And for very good reasons too.

But there are people who take cold fusion, or LENR as the advocates rather call it now, quite seriously. Also, and quite incredibly, some even think that cold fusion era is just behind the corner.


Many of you may have heard of Italian inventor and businessman Andrea Rossi, who claims to have a working LENR gizmo. Some believe him even to such extent, that Rossi apparently managed to sell his invention, the E-Cat, to group of investors [2].

Someone put a lot of money to Rossi’s gadget, so it must be true, right?  Then there must be something wrong with me, because I am convinced it is bullshit.

Andrea Rossi has a blog, that he boldly calls “Journal of Nuclear Physics” [3].  Among discussion between Rossi and the believers, the blog publishes “physics articles”  that  looks to me, if not totally bogus, at least dubious.

The E-Cat community [4]  is now waiting for a third party test report of the miracle device to be published.  The report should be released “any time now” .  Should I hold my breath (* gasp *)?

Rossi himself has curiously stated, that the report could turn out to be either positive or negative.

Whut? Does he not know if his italian heater is working or not?

I am just wondering: what if the winter is coming without the E-Cat? I would not be surprised, if we have to wait for the test report a bit longer. And wait. And wait..

How about you, would you buy a used cold fusion reactor from this man?




[1] All things Cold Fusion

[2] Popular Science
Dubious Cold Fusion Machine Acquired By North Carolina Company

[3] Andrea Rossi’s Blog

[4] The E-cat world – The site of true believers

4 thoughts on “Would you buy a used cold fusion reactor from this man?

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  2. According to this site BIll Gates must be an awful fool to have promised a billion US dollars to the Italian government after checking out the work done in Italy on cold fusion.


  3. yes fool would be the word!
    Do you believe one day that the “Rossi Ecat” will exist?
    One Day somewhere in the future a “Rossi Ecat” will be sold?
    What in your opinion would that day be?
    How many years from now?
    Wow Fabiani!
    How many years in the future did “Fabiani” say?
    Fabiani had “experiences”?
    With what?


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