Andrea Rossi – Pulls an other rabbit out of his ass

The true believers’ site, Frank Acland ‘s E-Cat World [1], published an article about Andrea Rossi requesting an extended period for his patent application.  As Rossi’s patent application is basically that of cold fusion, USPTO [2] is not happy with it.

According to E-Cat World:

“Rossi is contending here that rejection of a patent on the grounds inoperability cannot be based on uninformed opinion of the examiner — it must be because a device does not work, and the Patent Office must have some evidence of that.”

Now, there we had a typical comment from a voodoo science supporter.

But I am sure Rossi knows, that it is he who has to prove that the apparatus works, not the wise versa. It is quite obvious that the application is just meant to justify the delay of publishing the “third party report”.  So Rossi is pulling yet an other rabbit out of his ass and the scam is entering an other state of silence for the rest of the year, as I predicted earlier.

I am sure, he will have even more tricks in his repertoire in the future.



It is quite amusing to read the comments on E-Cat World, there are no critical ones. The site owner, Frank Acland, has decided that what he calls “pathoskeptical” comments,  are not allowed.

I wonder, if the childish commentators at the site are actual individuals, in which case I somehow feel sorry for them, or if Acland is just running an astroturfing campaign.







1 thought on “Andrea Rossi – Pulls an other rabbit out of his ass

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