Behold – E-Cat works for real!

Breaking news. Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat is proven to be real technology.

Second independent third party test report is now public, and it proves beyond doubt, that Italian scams.. eh.. inventor Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat is a truly remarkable source of energy [1].

Ok, time to give up. Where shall my public stoning take place?


Picture by HandMade Films: Life of Brian

Yeah, well.. but wait a second!

This test has actually been conducted by the exactly same team than the previous test.  And shouldn’t the test have been independent? Why is it then, that I read from the report, that Andrea Rossi has been present, turning switches on and off.

”The dummy reactor was switched on at 12:20 PM of 24 February 2014 by Andrea Rossi who gradually brought it to the power level requested by us. Rossi later intervened to switch off the dummy, and in the following subsequent operations on the E-Cat: charge insertion, reactor startup, reactor shutdown and powder charge extraction. Throughout the test, no further intervention or interference on his part occurred; moreover, all phases of the test were monitored directly by the collaboration.”

I smell something fishy.  Again.

Damn, it is so hard to be a pathoskeptic.

Maybe not so hard after all. The brave new report in question was released through a web page, that seems to be something like a private blog (similar to my site here).

Don’t’ you find it somewhat weird, that the biggest shit ever is released like this:




[1]  Observation of abundant heat production from a reactor device
and of isotopic changes in the fuel

[2] Mats Lewan: An Impossible Invention

[3] Mats Lewan: The Biggest Shit Ever

6 thoughts on “Behold – E-Cat works for real!

    • I’d like to think, that I would not have to clutch at straws only because I am wrong, I would be happy to admit it. And I certainly would not have any difficulties in welcoming a functioning LENR-reactor.

      I would love to look at a new picture of the reality. What could be more thrilling than that?


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