Replicating an illusion

According to The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project [1] Facebook pages, the project is planning to replicate Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat (or HotCat, whatever you want to call Rossi’s new potato masher).


I don’t quite get it. They are replicating what? Something that is supposed to work and produce heat, but no-one knows how?

If you are thinking logically, maybe they plan to expose Rossi’s fraud [2].  Now that is a good idea:  to show that the test setup was basically flawed in several aspects and the report was very bad science.

Otherwise I don’t understand what they are trying to replicate and why.




2 thoughts on “Replicating an illusion

  1. That someone could take Rossi joke seriously enough to even use an amperometer or a thermocam on it, that’s the real mistery…

    Once has appeared a funny one in a site dedicated to energy stuff. This one claimed he had a new source of power – it sounded promising for someone, even if it was clear he did not exactly know how it was working.
    Then the guy posted a photo of his magic box…it was a paper case with electrical wires floding out of case and connected to nothing, with pieces of computer components,…it was really a spectacle, I should search for that picture…
    Point is the real difference between that and E Cat is that E Cat is a bit more complex – say you must be at least twelve to understand it is a fake, while the first required you only being more than five…


  2. Certainly we all must understand by now, that Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat story is coming crashing down very soon.

    So why not to laugh at it and to ourselves? And remember, there is always room for new miracles in human mind.

    Who knows, maybe next time it is real 😉


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