NO! – What part of that slipped you?

“No” is an infinitely better answer than “yes”.

I mean, most of the questions we are able to ask with our limited understanding and knowledge , are just complete rubbish. From plain statistical point of view, if you don’t have a glue what to answer to yes-no question, just say no.

What to think of all this fashionable self-help nonsense and positive thinking hogwash? You are supposed to feel better, eliminate stress and progress better in your life, only if you take all new situations and ideas positively.

That is, if you are a complete moron.

Think about it. You CANNOT get everything you want. You are NOT able to learn everything. Positive attitude is NOT a substitute for know-how.

Research actually seems to point to the fact, that positive thinking is good for you [1]. But you may as well ask yourself, what is positive thinking?  Where is all this unfounded positive thinking  supposed to lead us?

One way of taking “no” as a positive response could actually be this: if you doubt first, you may be forced to think before making a decision. Not guaranteed, but just maybe.

So what do I do in my life? You guessed: I rush into conclusions and make important decisions based just on feelings and positive thinking.  And that my friends, is what we humans do.

But YOUR life can get better already tomorrow. Start it by just saying NO, but with a positive tone: “Maybe I will think about that later and see if it makes any sense at all”.

— tyy 


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