Andrea Rossi’s defeat – Lugano’s tests taken apart

Italian inventor and businessman Andrea Rossi  still rides on, but for how long, that is really an interesting question.

What is most amazing in Rossi’s story, is that it refuses to go away, even though it has been thoroughly debunked already from the beginning. The promise of virtually unlimited and cheap energy is a wonderful one, so it would be nice to believe in it. I mean, without some very profound changes to our energy policy, we probably will be pretty much fucked.

Stephan Pomp tweeted [1] two excellent links yesterday, to a blog by Christian Schumacher [2].  Schumacher makes it clear in a very thorough and professional way, what is wrong with excess heat and isotopic change claims in Andrea Rossi’s so called second independent test, that took place in Lugano earlier this year.

At the same time, the believers camp [5] is starting to behave more and more erratically. Some even are already doubting,  that Rossi is not “telling us everything”.  But they are still unable to generalize the idea and confident that Santa Claus is coming for Christmas.

The Lugano test was suppose to be a truly independent one, yet is was all but that. It was conducted by exactly the same team as the test last year, again with a very questionable test setup.

Rossi also keeps constantly changing the rules of the game so it would be harder to notice, that he is unable to address the critique: In every test and demo the E-Cat device has been different, the test setup different, the results different.

Now, while it is already completely clear to anyone in right mind, that Rossi is a fluent storyteller, I don’t expect any True Believer to recover from their Italian brain rot parasite in any foreseeable future [4].



— tyy


[1] Stephan Pomp on Twitter

[2] Christian Schumacher

[3] Are excess heat and isotope changes in e-cat LENR reactor real?
Part 1;
Part 2:

[4] The Fungus and Virus that Rot Bee Brains

[5] The E-Cat World

4 thoughts on “Andrea Rossi’s defeat – Lugano’s tests taken apart

  1. Another month passed by and believers are still believing. Some of them keep on inventing theories that should explain the miracle. Most of those start with “Einstein was wrong”, which is, per se, a good indication of how much serious they are.
    In any case, true believers are not going to give it up, so we will have more fun and more theories next year.



  2. ” their Italian brain rot parasite”

    Don’t blame it all on Italy. Rossi has connections with the USA also. He’s listed as an author of “physics” essays on our own government’s website. I, for one, would like to know why.


      • I am italian and I do NOT feel offended in any way from tyy comment, shike I feeled offended by one (and more) from Alain Co, who spoke of my Country with silly arguments.
        The enterpreneur IS an italian parasite – we have many, this one is now abroad but he is not the only one.


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