Strange ideas, strange disbelief and explanation

Why do people believe in strange ideas and strange things. It might be hard-wired into us.

Normally, it is not a problem, but it can become one, when people decide to believe in strange things instead of science.

Science may to be able to explain, why it is so [1].



1 thought on “Strange ideas, strange disbelief and explanation

  1. Physic Nobel prize Rubbia recently told another good one (approximate translation):
    Once upon a time, far ago, when I was young, a friend of mine, Velikovsky, told me, about Thermo Nuclear Fusion, that it would took 50 years.
    Recently, nowadays, I met him and simply asked: “And now, Velikovsky?” Answer has been: “always 50 more years: I am a serious person and I do not change my mind”

    And that was about Hot Fusion. You can imagine why he does not even take in account to speak on Cold Fusion…


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