E-Cat replicated – 2015 is the year of LENR

The rumors are,  that Andrea Rossi’s infinite energy device has been replicated. Someone in Russia seems to have build his own dogbone reactor and had similar results to the Lugano test.


I also read from the Internet, that yet an other Mad Hatter-team is also attempting a similar replication before the end of the year. That is very soon then.

Now, I can see from my magic crystal ball, that next year will change…

.. nothing.

A year of LENR. Again.

(No links here, do your Googling if you are interested in modern alchemy experiments. If not, you may rather want to read this:


6 thoughts on “E-Cat replicated – 2015 is the year of LENR

  1. I like that picture: ir has been used by Oca Sapiens to describe a nice character in a story about a couple of time travellers…a fiction story – italian only, though.
    In case someone should be interested and able to read:
    it was around august 2013 that Nasty and Cimpy got a ride on “Delory” machine…

    About russian replication, I must say I am deluded by all scammers around: inly few of them tries to get something out of publicity of this scam – that’s ike to say it is not all this big deal…Most of them still sticks to medical and spiritual ones…


  2. I have a question.

    Nobody has any idea how this lenr thingy is supposed to work, so why are they using substances like nickel or lithium as fuel? Why not rock salt, rabbit feces or belly button lint?

    Just wondering.


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