Naiive thinking, delusions and medieval hatred

My pathological,  non-healthy and recurring interest in religion called Cold Fusion (LENR, CANR, pick your ju-ju) led me to read a blog post by one Russ George. At least I suppose that’s his name, but I could not really find his personal details anywhere within the site in question [1], so I cannot be sure.

Anyhow, whoever he might be, he writes:

There are two definitions of crimes against humanity in international law that could apply to the campaign of the cold fusion denialists. The first is “grave offences that are part of a widespread and systematic attack against a civilian population,” and the second is “inhumane acts intentionally causing great suffering, or serious injury to body or to mental or physical harm.” (Brown, 2013) There is can be no doubt that the Big Lies told by the cold fusion denialists constitute a “widespread and systematic attack against” all of humanity. There is also no doubt that the cold fusion denialists were and are fully aware that they are misleading people in ways that could eventually result in “great suffering, or serious injury to body or to mental and physical harm.”

If I read this correctly, there is an ongoing campaign, run by the cold fusion denialists, devised in cold blood and on purpose. Most importantly, the activity seems to be in grave violation with the very essence of humanity.

Now, if that is true, I must be a really, really bad person. I have previously suggested, that if not stoned to dead, the cold fusion denialists should be punished in the stocks.


That should teach us.


1 thought on “Naiive thinking, delusions and medieval hatred

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