Senile science

For some weird reason, cold fusion won’t die away. Nor are we yet seeing revolutionary LENR reactors, which were supposed to change the world as we know it.

Go figure.

To accompany A.G. Parkhomov [3] and some others, we now have a successfull Andrea Rossi “replicator” from China, retired professor Songsheng Jiang, we hear. We are told also, that he works for Chinese Institute of Atomic Energy.

Do you think, that if he actually worked for Chinese government focusing on revolutionary technology, he would contact a LENR blogger Franck Acland with his findings. Really? [1]

I know I am turning nasty, but this is how fraud and stupidity combined makes me feel. I am a little bit worried though, if I have a mental problem. Why would I otherwise be concerned of these fraudsters and ignoramuses?

Oh well.

Magic Man, Andrea Rossi have published a picture, where he listens the hummmm..m.. of his reactor. That is hilarious. I wonder why they call these things “reactors”, anybody? In a reactor, you would expect something to happen, opposite to what is happening inside these LENR devices.


I wonder, looking at this picture, if Rossi is actually insane rather that just a fraudster.

Actually, I have no idea if some mysterious effect they call LENR exists. I would say no, if anybody asks.

But nevertheless, cold fusion/LENR seems the be the science of confused old men. Followed by blind mice [2]. Not to forget the ones who try to take advantage of the confusion.

[1] E-Cat World Nonsense

[2] Blind mice on facebook

[3] A.G. Parkhomov, in addition to being a LENR ” scientist”, have previously known to have attempted to communicate telepathically with fish

11 thoughts on “Senile science

  1. Are you scared, pseudoskeptic? Afraid that you are going to have to admit that cold fusion is real, or risk losing any relevance? It’s coming, pseudoskeptic. Can you feel it, coming in the air tonight?

    You can find much more intelligent discussion on my blog:


    • Everybody is scared of something, but whatever I am scared of, it is not related to new explanations of reality, which I cherish.

      And even the most bogus explanations can be be somewhat entertaining.


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