Excess heat

Very many LENR acolytes have a need to tell, that they “believe” in LENR/cold fusion [1]. This is weird to me, because actual reality exists without believing. We believe in god, in fairies, in pink invisible unicorn.


And some believe in LENR, the “new light”, as they call it. Somehow It seems to me that LENR requires believing, in order to exist at all.

But actual technologies do not require believing, if they are real. They just work or they don’t.

Biggest Norwegian newspaper, Aftenposten, wrote recently about our favorite topic; the wonderful e-cat of dottore Andrea Rossi. Though the article expresses some skepticism, it has the same naive viewpoint as most similar articles: it assumes LENR fairytale may be true and then  goes on to speculating with it’s world saving potential [2].

LENR resembles e.g. paranormal phenomena: there is only anecdotal evidence.

And sadly, small pieces of crap do not add into convincing evidence; they only add to a bit larger pile of bullshit.

And the bigger the pile of bullshit, the more “excess heat” can you expect.


[1] http://www.sifferkoll.se/sifferkoll/?p=746

[2] http://www.aftenposten.no/fakta/innsikt/Er-kald-fusjon-losningen-pa-klimakrisen-8056195.html

8 thoughts on “Excess heat

  1. LENR church is still alive, but in these last days it seems as if Rossi saga is flying down.

    I am quite sure saga will receive new fuel around september/october, though: Rossi will not disappear in few months, even if I do believe he would love to be forget with his floors and houses…

    Let’s enjoy summer and wait for news at end of it: believers are still believers, and they might remain in adoration forewer, no matter which kind of proof he did NOT show…


      • I disagree, obviously, but that’s not important. It almost fun, and depressing, at the same time, seeing pseudoskeptics come up with new excuses to not believe in Rossi every couple of months that new evidence comes out in favor of Rossi. Pass the popcorn.


        • OK, Mark, fair enough. I won’t be depressed thought, if dottore Rossi’s wonderful gadget is real.

          If that happened, I would be fascinated!

          Se my disclaimer. Link is available from the front page of the blog. You are free to comment,


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