The bastard, who became me

Of course, I am an evil bastard.

But only to those who have it coming. You see, I am not worried about saving true believers souls [1], I cannot possibly hope achieve that much. But am worried, that some people actually can, and do believe, that these free energy fantasies are part of reality.

Believing is human nature for most of us and skepticism must be learned, same goes for me.

As small as it may be, I like to fight pseudoscience and false knowledge with everything I can. Of course, I could get lost in the process, and my methods can be freely criticized.

E-Cat/ LENR is by no means the only thing I find distastefully reality-twisting. There are a lot others. But I find LENR a bit more challenging to doubt than for example UFOs, moon landing conspiracies, intelligent design or parapsychology. There already are a lot of debunkers taking care of those already.

I also find this cold fusion mess quite interesting, because it seems not to appear as immediately impossible to laymen, myself included. Or not even to very intelligent and educated people.

What if I am wrong? Rest assured; when the E-Cat finally becomes a viable energy source and my house is heated with the miracle, I will be the first to apologize to all.

I feel great today, but maybe it does not last much longer.

So hugs and kissed to everyone, and let the show go on.

The hug:

The hug:

[1] True believers of miracles just around the corner

2 thoughts on “The bastard, who became me

  1. I am very, very late to this party, but your mention of UFOs kindled that old fire in my heart. The reason I most love UFO conspiracy theories: the evidence.

    By this I mean — here is how we know UFOs exist: There is no evidence!

    The reason there is no evidence is that shadowy forces (which can be abbreviated as “The Government”) have suppressed the evidence. Otherwise we would have evidence. The _lack_ of evidence is, itself, the evidence that the evidence once existed but has been suppressed or deleted or hidden. Therefore, there _is_ evidence, and thus UFOs (of which we have only suppressed evidence) must exist. If they did not exist, there would have been no reason for them (sorry, The Government) to suppress the evidence. If you are feeling a bit dizzy because this is going around in circles, you are not alone.

    (People old enough to remember the original televised version of “Peter Pan” recognize this as the moment when it is appropriate to begin clapping for Tinkerbelle. Please do. She needs all the help she can get.)


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