Miracles, investments and public humiliations

A miracle has supposedly happened.

A big British investment company seem to have put a substantial sum to Industrial Heat LLC [3]. You know, the same company that funded Andrea Rossi’s [1] cold fusion gadget last year.

You should always remember, that it ain’t over until the fat lady sings: the LENR is real!

Well, it has been one hell of a ride of the valkyries and the pathoskeptics defeat will be complete, especially now that Andrea Rossi has his research lab of non-existing materials up and running.

I am soon to face my public humiliation in the stocks.

Oh well, so is life. To mitigate the damage to my reputation and personal life, I better put all my savings to Woodford Management [2].

On the other hand, how does the old saying go: A fool and his money are soon parted.

[1] Pathoskeptic on Andrea Rossi

[2] https://woodfordfunds.com/how-to-invest/

[3] http://www.fusenet.eu/node/991

5 thoughts on “Miracles, investments and public humiliations

  1. Scams bring more money than what you risk, as long as you are the scammer or in the entourage board – do not be afraid to lose your money if you founded it as first; but be sure to be “departed” from it if you came late.


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  3. Madoff proved quite well that the number of investors and amount invested does not validate the investment.


    • I have some experience with technology investors. While my relationship with them is ok, I hope, I am sorry to say I think many of them buy stories rather than technologies.


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