European Business Number – they want to steal your money

Just received a letter from one DAD GmbH, a company allegedly registered in Hamburg, Germany.  The letter goes like this:

“Dear Entrepreneur,
In the context of the registration of European companies and the updating of European Business Numbers we ask you to verify your current data:
for accuracy and completeness, and to correct it if necessary. The basic entry and the update are free of charge. If you want to amend /complete any data, please do so on the website and select the menu item registration.
The EBN will publish your information as soon as possible.

(bullshit continues, full scan of the letter at the end of this post)

It all seems very convincing and official. But it is not! It has nothing to do with European Union.  It is an attempt to sell you something. Read the small print carefully:


Especially this line:


It seems they have been sending these letters to many small companies in Europe, you can find references around the Internet, for example here.

The scamming bastards have a nice web site here:


If you ever encounter “European Business Number”, let everyone know: it is a scam devised to steal your company’s money.

Scan of the letter:




29 thoughts on “European Business Number – they want to steal your money

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  2. Thanks a lot for this info. I got so upset when they started sending us these letter with claim of payment! But now I understand they are thieves!!!!


  3. I also got there form and filled it out. Stupid!, but now I got there invoice. I didn’t pay and I received there second reminder already. Is there somebody who had the same problem and can advice me what to do? How can I get rid of them?


  4. I was also “tricked” into filling the form and now they have sent me a second reminder. I believe that they should be ignored, Also we should inform as many people as we can to be carefull from people of this kind who sinply want to take your money for nothing.
    Is there anywhere were we can report these actions ???


  5. Hard to say how to stops these scams. It is very clear, that they are profitable to scoundrels who initiated them.
    Tell everyone, spread the word.


  6. They have just found us with their letter. The amount of money has not changed, 677EUR since your comments. They even have mentioned a Hungarian expression “Közösségi adószám”. Thanks guys for warning us!


      • Yes! I am from Hungary, and my parent’s company (small local shop) and my employer company received it as well recently. Thanks to your site, we have not sent it back!


        • Szia,akkor magyarul írok.Sajnos visszaküldtem az első levelüket aláírva,a nemzetközi adószámommal ellátva,mert azt hittem,hogy nyilvántartásba akarnak venni,mivel ráadásul Hamburg-i ügyfeleknek is számláztam,a hátoldalt meg nem olvastam el.Nem gondoltam volna,hogy Németországban ilyen partnerek is lehetnek.Azóta folyamatosan kéthetente felszólításokat küldenek,ami nyugtalanít.Ami gyanús volt viszont,hogy kérték a bankkártya számát és a hátoldalon lévő háromjegyű kódot,amit természetesen nem adtam meg,mert ilyent soha sem kértek semmilyen fizetési felszólítás esetén.Egy védekezési pontot találtam csak,nevezetesen azt,hogy a levelek simán jönnek,nem ajánlottan,nem tértivevénnyel,vagyis nincs nyoma annak,hogy átvettem volna.Ha megkérdezhetem Ti hogy álltok ezzel a felszólítással,milyen stádiumban van, ümit szándékoztok lépni? üdvözlettel NM


          • Mi szerencsére nem küldtük vissza a levelet aláírva, így nem kaptunk számlát. Egyetértek azzal amit írsz, nincs semmi nyoma hogy átvetted volna, plusz ez egy átverés, tehát nem nagyon lehet (szerintem) jogalapjuk arra hogy bármilyen úton próbálják behajtani a pénzt tőled. Így mi csak kidobjuk az ilyen folszólításokat, nem foglalkozunk velük. Remélem nem lesz további kellemetlenséged ebből!


  7. we have also received such kind of letter and my collegue by mistake has signed their order. Did anyone paid for them? Is there any reasonable possibility not to pay?


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  10. Hi received letter just a small new business with two members of staff got a bit of a shock when I received the reminder and payed bill now I have received a second invoice for same amount and now two threatening reminders have no intention of paying any more money over as now know it is a scam has anybody any advice it would be welcome .


  11. Also received the same.
    I don’t even have a business and they invented a “business” for me… = sale and repair of music instruments!!!
    I think this is far too much and they should be exposed everywhere.
    Thanks for the infos.


  12. Hi,
    I’m in same situation, I refused to pay and they don’t stop… one more invoice received today, now the total amount is 915 € , ridiculous…
    What should we do to get this company to court?
    A. Cid


  13. 3 years they sent their bills, and one time I paid and wrote a letter to the termination contract.Now them through the company from the Czech Republic, are trying to take money from me for 3 years + interest)I think this is also the scammers


  14. Just received a letter from these people.The amount is now up to 890€ and printed slightly differently to the one shown.It looks very convincing but thanks for the warning on here I won´t get caught out.


  15. i live in greece and i receive this letter,without reason,i believe is scam because i dont have internet site for my store and i dont buy from another country nothing.thats why i understand is a scam


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