The Judgement Day is near

It should very soon be a moment of truth for Andrea Rossi’s megawatto e-catto. The test period should be complete in about one month, a least that is what the good dottore has been telling us mere mortals.

It also seems, that we LENR/E-Cat deniers are facing a grim fate, when the truth is revealed to whole world and we are forced to see.


I was recently approached by LENR blogger Peter Gluck. He has asked Rossi opponents, including my humble self, for answers to some of his questions in his blog. Well, I am not an opponent to anyone and found myself unable to answer the questions [1] directly, but I did write something.

Conversation between Peter and myself, including my answer to his blog, can be found here and is published with Peter’s permission:

Peter is a true gentleman and an honest person, as far as I can tell.

But this doomsday approaching is scary. Should I say my prayers?



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