The Acid Breath of the Angry Photographer

There is this funny camera guy on Youtube, The Angry Photographer.

He owns a ton of Nikon gear and uses profanity as his trademark. Of course, English profanity is so mild in Finnish standards, that my mother in law would think it is school girl talk, only if she could understand it.

Well, The Angry Photographer if somewhat funny to watch, though he could cut down the length of his presentations to 1/10th of the time he is using repeating f-words and giggling.

I was watching this piece yesterday.

Oh no! I was so shocked to hear, that you should NEVER breath fog on your lenses to wipe them clean. What? Everybody does that. But what really shocked me was, that he said human breath contains harmful acids, that will damage multi-coating of the lenses front element (go to about 1:40 if you don’t want to watch it all).

Of, my! I have been ruining my lenses!

But wait! Were does the acid come from, if you don’t vomit on your lenses (don’t do that, bugger). Human breath should be mostly atmospheric gases, with less oxygen plus some added carbon dioxide and water. Carbon dioxide dissolved to water can be acid, but other than that I would think the fog condensed on your lens from your breath should be practically water, not much else.

Come on, Angry! Though you probably know more about Nikon lenses than I do (and thank god for that), I was breathing on my lenses even before you even needed diapers!


So, what I think is that The Angry Photographer is spreading an other urban legend.

There is nothing more I hate, than a false piece of information disguised as a fact, but is actually just hearsay. Even if spread inadvertently, I cant stomach such an abomination.

Well, we all do that, don’t we (and that’s why I hate it!). So it’s not a big deal, I forgive you, Angry Protographer, and may still watch you videos when I feel somehow inferior and need to know I am not the biggest deuchebag on the planet.

But hey! maybe I am wrong and the acid in human breath really eats through the multi-coating of your lens. If anyone can prove me this is true, I am happy to learn being wrong again and learn new things.

So, true or not, anyone?


P.S. It appears from Internet, that Nikon may have been the source of this piece, but they have since removed the advice not to breath on your lenses from their website.

Update: Here is a post discussing the “acid breath problem”

Nikon had the “acid breath” warning removed from their website shortly after.

Update 2: Found someone else calling bullshit on Angry Photographer:

Update 3: Ken Wheeler, alias Angry Photographer, calls bulshit on Richard Feynman, QED, and claims to be the only person to understand magnetism!

Whoaa! He is so cute! And he owns a shitpile of Nikon lenses! And can explain magnetism! And has an acid breath!

I think this case is closed.

18 thoughts on “The Acid Breath of the Angry Photographer

    • You know what Cimpy, at least this acid breath thingy has a thin change of not being complete hogwash it sounds.

      Hard to say the same about cold fusion.


  1. Unbelievable that he can blather on, using some scientific and even more pseudoscientific terminology to dispute Feynman’s uncomfortable refusal to try simplifying the interactions between magnetic poles. And he wrote a book! Of complete nonsense, which must have taken him a lot of effort and a lot of time. Which he seems to have lots of, if nothing else. In fact, definitely nothing else.


      • I think posts like yours help him continue to say/write drivel because it’s like saying “I don’t know how good he is as a photographer, but on a technical level he’s knowledgeable”. He’s really not knowledgeable, on any level, about any subject I’ve heard him discuss so far. He does not know much about Nikon lenses.

        “But hey! maybe I am wrong and the acid in human breath really eats through the multi-coating of your lens. If anyone can prove me this is true, I am happy to learn being wrong again and learn new things.

        So, true or not, anyone?”

        You’re almost as guilty as him because you’ve failed to look for evidence prior to making the claim. In fairness to you, he’s the one making the claim first, so the burden of proof lies on him.

        A pH of 7 is neutral. Your blood is slightly alkaline (7.35 to 7.45). Your stomach is around 3.5.

        Normal values of gas-standardized (“CO2-free”) EBC pH have been reported from multiple investigators and range between 7.5 and 8.1.

        His greatest quote is that blood is ferromagnetic. If it were true, then we’d all die in an MRI. I find no humor in this guy. He is brainwashing people and even if only 0.1% of his followers believe 0.1% of his fictitious claims, that’s a shame.

        Conclusion… Breath isn’t acidic, at all. It’s very, very mildly alkaline.


  2. I have been saying this for months, that the Angry Phatphuc knows nothing. He almost always reads stuff of the Web, and then makes video to portray that he has so much knowledge. Basically he is a copy cat, trying to gain respect, by copying other people’s work. Even the lens reviews he does are all bull shit and copied. I’ve seen videos of the exact lens he may be talking about, but those reviews have already been done years before him. He’s a fraud and a fake. His reviews are nothing but his chance to show of his gear and brag about himself. There is no data, no methodology, and no photographs to back his claims. He’s full of shit.


  3. I find his videos pretty entertaining “finer than the freshly waxed crotch of a Swedish supermodel” to quote one of his pithy colloquialisms. Unfortunately he’s a mediocre photographer, despite the apparently encyclopedic and highly opinionated knowledge of Nikon products. See for yourself

    Full spectrum Fujifilm camera shot

    Want to see the work of someone who really knows how to take photographs?
    Try Jay Daley

    The local


  4. I was completely shocked at Ken’s highly insulting comments about Richard Feynman. And one of Ken’s admirers chimed in calling Feynman an “idiot.” Ken claimed Feynman couldn’t explain quantum mechanics as well as Ken can. Was very painful to even listen to this and Wheeler didn’t seem to know Feynman’s history at all… education, Los Alamos, Challenger, teaching experience, writings. No idea if Wheeler even went to college.


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