New Clownery

There seems to be new clownery available in the E-Cat Realm.


Please refer to coverage by Steven Krivit [1].

Steven does believe LENR is real, and that sets us apart. Otherwise I think he is honest and who knows, maybe he is right; maybe this mysterious energy source they call LENR really exist.

But Andrea Rossi’s energy scam seems to be over. Time for the end-game?

Wonder how long that will take.



2 thoughts on “New Clownery

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  2. Rossi will never surrend – even if he should lose all in lawsuit, he could do nothing else than keeping the show on and swear it worked, stable, for years…

    It is not even said it will ever end: fraudsters born every day, and so do dumbs and gullible people. Show can survive over Rossi himself


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