The ultimate source of energy: Dreaming

The dream of perpetuum mobile, a machine that creates it’s own energy,  will never go away.

There was a great creation of this concept, using sheep skin and a wooden carriage, that was build by Mikko Mikonpoika Minkkinen (1858-1930)  in middle Finland. His original design can now been seen in Finnish National museum in Helsinki.

That beats the hell out of most modern over-unity designs, if you should ask me.

But it is always a sure bet to invoke quantum mechanics, Richard Feynman and (“not”)perpetual  motion, to make a complete fool of yourself , if you are so inclined.

I am not sure how reliable this “Power Electronics” website is supposed to be, but reading something like the following, feels like stepping barefooted on a pile of dog shit:

“There are several theories in physics that propose the source of the electromagnetic energy, which is carried by streams of virtual photons emanating from the atomic electron. Whatever the source may be, it is intrinsic and abundant. The notion of a motor driven by permanent magnets alone is therefore feasible and cannot be dismissed as defying conservation of energy.”

A job well done.



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