Back online

Well, I have to admit: I haven’t been very active lately, More specifically in couple of years.

Time flies, my friends.

We all know what is going on around the world, the Covid-19 crisis. And let me tell you this: it is not time to be skeptical. It is time to take care of yourself and you loved ones.

Together, this crisis will be beaten. And I want to believe; maybe the World will rise from this as a better place.

Be safe, everyone.

2 thoughts on “Back online

  1. Tyy, Now it’s the EU’s turn to pursue the Holy Grail of “cold fusion.”

    There is no limit to human stupidity. Have a great and virus-free weekend,

    Fred P.S. Our good friend “Doctor” Rossi is now claiming that his latest wacky device runs on “zero-point energy.” I thought you’d enjoy that.


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