The Õura Ring – Revolutionary wearable, or modern snakeoil?

The biggest startup event, the Slush of Finland [1], was more interesting this year than ever. Much talent, much enthusiasm, much hype. All for the best of mankind.

How is it then, that the Pathoskeptic always seems to get irritated by some minor details.

Finnish company Õura, previously JoutZen, introduced new models of their revolutionary welfare rings. The new ones are far cooler than the old, bulkier models, that made you look like .. what exactly?



The new models as sexier, smaller and more expensive than the previous ones. Hooray, Õura [2].



What does this ring do, actually? According to Õura’s marketing..

“it measures the physiological signals of your body, understands your lifestyle, and guides you to make your own optimal daily choices.”

It also appears, that all this is based on hard scientific facts [5].

Exactly what kind of science is Õura’s sleep analysis based on, remains unclear to an animal like myself. My bad, I admit.

Remarkably, the Õura ring seems to be a brainchild of some of the same people, who devised the infamous Finnish ear-light scam, Valkee, which was recently re-branded as HumanCharger [6].


With this magnificent innovation, Valkee managed to be awarded with the Huuhaa-price by Finnish Skeptics Association for “successfully marketing a poorly researched bright light headset which they claim cures a multitude of symptoms such as jet lag, migraine and seasonal affective disorder” [4].

Well, there is no doubt the Õura Ring works, as it is wearable in your finger. It also quite obviously does measure something and it communicates with your mobile using Bluetooth.

Actually,  Valkee’s earlight[7] did work also; it had a light and it did fit into your ear. This is unlike the infamous Russian Ass Buzzer, which did not buzz nor did it fit into your ass.








[7] Let there be Valkee – How a Finnish startup managed to fool everyone

Here’s The Settlement—Getting The License Back Was Rossi’s Top Priority

This unbelievable stupidity is still going on. While morons can be found in abundance, Rossi is ready for an other round with his scam.


In the settlement between Rossi and his US licensee IH, Rossi got the license back together with all E-Cat equipment and materials, while none of the parties will have to pay damages to the other. Getting the license back was his top priority all the time, Rossi explains in this interview.

[Here’s the document defining the terms of the settlement(un-disclosed source)].

“To us, the most important thing was to regain complete ownership of the IP and of all the rights that were conceded through the license. At this point, it had become very clear that a continued collaboration had become impossible because of the choices IH made and because of other reasons. The development, the finalization, and the distribution of the technology—any agreement regarding this would have been impossible,” Rossi told me during an interview via Skype on July 15.

The settlement was drafted on July 5, 2017…

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Energy storage innovation from Finland

There is a new energy storage innovation from Finnish company Teraloop [1].

It is supposed to be a solution to large scale energy storage problems. They plan to store 16GWh (!!!) of energy using a large underground moving mass. Kinda enormous maglev train on circular track [1] [2].

“Put simply, the Teraloop system could be described as rotating masses which operate underground, guaranteeing a minimal environmental footprint, while staying conveniently out of sight.”
.. read more on Teraloop

Yeah, 16GWh equals the energy of an atomic bomb… whooaa. I hope they build it sturdy.

Basic physics suggests something may be wrong as shown in Finnish blog by a group of technology and physics experts [3]. The base line is, there is no technology nor material to ever build such a thing even if you wanted to.

Since I am a kind person, I sincerely hope there is an explanation that makes sense. I really hope what they are planning really can work in this universe, and is not just meant to create an ego trip for the founders.

It seems they got some money/loan from Tekes (Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation). If they did, I sure hope it is not for innovation with mentioned specifications.

That would make we very pissed off, it’s Finnish tax payers money, damn it. I hope it is not true and this is a misunderstanding.


[1] Teraloop
[2] Patent application
[3] (unfortunately in Finnish)

Fan confusions

It’s nice to have fans!

But right now some people seem to confuse me with pseudonym Mary Yugo, the number one nightmare of cold-fusionist crowd! [1]

Maybe I should be honored, but sorry, Mary is not me and I am not Mary.

I was banned from the LENR-forum not once, but twice.

No, I am not proud. Just saying.



New round for good Dottore Rossi

Andrea Rossi has announced, that his one year megawatto e-catto test has now been completed [1]. Ahead of schedule! Wow, this man works so hard his years seems to be shorter than for us mere mortals.

Now we wait for the report from mysterious “ERV” (thats rossitalk and supposedly means ”Expert Responsible for Validation”). Should be ready within a month, according to Rossi, and thus looks like we are going to get it for April’s Fool’s Day.

So, whats’ next? Let me guess.

Rossi will inform, that the test was a success but no detailed report is publicly available because it is confidential. Also, there are some problems with old e-cat technology, so the modules should be replace by the brave new E-Cat X.

And then we wait for couple of more years. And the believers will be fascinated by the genius of good Dottore Rossi.

Same pattern has repeated several times already, so I why would the basic story change. It won’t.

Of course, this is not a guess, because Rossi has already said, he will now totally concentrate in new E-Cat X, with a whole new team [2].

Meanwhile, Mats Lewan seems to be entering deeper into never-never land [3].

More empty talk coming up. More excess heat.

Interested to see if the entertainment value will still be there after all these years.


The Lookalikes

[1] 17/02/2016: A historic date to remember

[2] The E-Nut World

[3] Mats Lewan in Never-Never Land