Silly science news – the EM-Drive is back

Roger Shawyer’s Em-Drive is back in the news, and we are seeing really funny news-lines, like The Telegraph’s super silly  ‘Impossible’ rocket drive works and could get to Moon in four hours [1].

Fours hours? Where did they get that part. Oh well, I guess someone used a calculator, but forgot to think.

Well, the fuss seems to be, that Martin Tajmar [2] from Dresden university has now confirmed, that E-Drive really produces thrust. Similar results, that NASA’s Eagleworks claimed last year [4].

“Our test campaign cannot confirm or refute the claims of the EM Drive but intends to independently assess possible side-effects in the measurements methods used so far,” said Prof Tajmar.

“Nevertheless, we do observe thrust close to the actual predictions after eliminating many possible error sources that should warrant further investigation into the phenomena.”

I am sure Tajmar is a nice guy, but he is also a big fan of funny and unrealistic theories. He has previously worked with for example anti-gravity [3]

So, taking into account that Em-Drive goes against everything we know about conservation of momentum and energy, and is in contradiction with both classical physics and relativity, which of the two is more probable:

  1. The Em-Dive really DOES work can take us to the Moon in 4 hours!
  2. The measurements by Tajmar and others are in error


Thinking is allowed. Bad science has always paired nicely with bad journalism.




[4] Space Kick-sledges and over-unity devices

Naiive thinking, delusions and medieval hatred

My pathological,  non-healthy and recurring interest in religion called Cold Fusion (LENR, CANR, pick your ju-ju) led me to read a blog post by one Russ George. At least I suppose that’s his name, but I could not really find his personal details anywhere within the site in question [1], so I cannot be sure.

Anyhow, whoever he might be, he writes:

There are two definitions of crimes against humanity in international law that could apply to the campaign of the cold fusion denialists. The first is “grave offences that are part of a widespread and systematic attack against a civilian population,” and the second is “inhumane acts intentionally causing great suffering, or serious injury to body or to mental or physical harm.” (Brown, 2013) There is can be no doubt that the Big Lies told by the cold fusion denialists constitute a “widespread and systematic attack against” all of humanity. There is also no doubt that the cold fusion denialists were and are fully aware that they are misleading people in ways that could eventually result in “great suffering, or serious injury to body or to mental and physical harm.”

If I read this correctly, there is an ongoing campaign, run by the cold fusion denialists, devised in cold blood and on purpose. Most importantly, the activity seems to be in grave violation with the very essence of humanity.

Now, if that is true, I must be a really, really bad person. I have previously suggested, that if not stoned to dead, the cold fusion denialists should be punished in the stocks.


That should teach us.


Can you know everything?

Human being is an intelligent animal. So intelligent, that he can split an atom and move genes from one gritter to an other. This requires a lot of knowledge.

But what is knowledge? What does it mean? And how can we know that our knowledge is correct and actually represent a valid model of the objective reality?

How much potential knowledge exists in the universe? Infinitely?

It is interesting to try to understand, what infinite knowledge could mean. Is it possible for a human being to understand Life, Universe and Everything? [1]. Absolutely, completely and without missing anything relevant.

What does the word “understand” even mean? We know, that our ability to understand varies greatly between individuals. A toddler sees the world differently and an elderly Alzheimer patient is loosing a grip of reality. Even the most ingenious human being cannot understand everything, right?

If an individual is apparently dump, is he or she really, or maybe just slower? Given enough time to learn he can “understand” as much as anybody.

It is problematic to try to understand what intelligence means, because it is not democratic and puts individuals to non-equal positions. It is scary and politically incorrect.

Even so, it would be unfair to claim, that everyone is capable to understand the same things.

As a matter of fact. I do not possess any understanding of this particular issue, but the question still keeps haunting me regularly, especially if you connect it to the question of potential existence of extraterrestrial intelligence.

How intelligent is a horned tentacle-legged alien? I don’t think the looks matter, only it’s capability to analyze the surrounding reality. How much more clever can an E.T. be than Homo Sapiens is?

Is there a limit to intelligence and knowledge. Something, that after you reach it, you cannot possible know anything more?

Is our definition of intelligence, what ever that is, even meaningless?

Whatever the answers to these question might be, the questions themselves seem very relevant to me, even though I cannot hope to learn a single a answer to them during my lifetime.

Do radically different variations of intelligence exist in the universe, or do we have some kind of singularity of knowledge that everything converges towards to? If that kind of infinite knowledge exists, does it take an infinite amount of time to learn it?

What kind of a place would that cosmic university be, that could teach you everything that was, is and will be.

I bet you would need to spend a lot of time sitting on your ass anyways.


Fan posts!

It is always good to receive some comments from your fans. Well, sort of.

Some coward has posted a nice opinion on Secrets Anon, a site that allows any moron to publish their inner thoughts, anonymously of course.


Way to go! I like this. But for your records: I never attack people, though I might attack their beliefs or opinions.

At True Believers site, The E-Cat World, commenter John Littlemist  is having his kind of fun.  A True Believer minion hiding behind pseudonym  “Freethinker”, also has something to say.

Think they are referring to my recent activity in Twitter.


Not that I mind a lot, but I think it is quite cowardly to write about people in the context, where they cannot respond. I have been banned from E-Cat World a long time ago, because these guys cannot stand someone who speaks the truth.

Oh well. One thing I don’t understand, is why are they so damned worried about me.

If somebody is really interested in why I spend my time with this complete nonsense instead of real hobbies, which I also do have, I suggest you read this:

Update: Bob Greenyer of Martin Fleischman Memorial project has joined the stoning.  I have nothing more to say than this: taking discussion out of context and to an other forum is an inherently cowardly act.


Even if you were a crackpot scientist.