The Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory

One online forum I read regularly, reminded me of something I had almost forgotten. Namely John Gabriel’s Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory[1]. Already more that a decade old, but still as valid as ever.

The theory goes, that quite normal people, when acting behind anonymity in front of audience, can turn into complete raving assholes.

Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory - Part of a series on Penny Arcade

Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory – Part of a series on Penny Arcade

So children, let’s be careful out there. And try not to turn into fuckwads.



I was wrong – What now?

What if I am wrong?

I have been participating in quite many Internet discussions about Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat [1] lately. It may seem that I have nothing better to  do, but believe me, I have.

Well, what amazes me anyways, is that it is almost heart breaking how The True Believers, trying to confront critique, are somehow worried about us pathoskeptics. They are worried about our crash-landing, when we realize we were wrong.



I have nothing against being wrong. On the contrary, I cherish the opportunity to be wrong.  Should Rossi’s E-Cat be available at the local hardware store, I would immediately be fascinated.

But given all the crap we have been fed during last couple of years by The Conjurer, Mr. Andrea Rossi himself, I would not take a single ad hominem attack back. That’s how pathological I would be, even defeated.

But I could live with it.


The future is always fascinating. You never know when you need additional dentistry.




The truth about e-cat will be revealed – Public humiliation ahead!

The Scuttlebutt’s News Agency tells [1], that Swedish reporter Mats Lewan is going to publish a second edition of his controversial bedtime story,  An Impossible Invention.

The new edition will allegedly include the results of the upcoming third independent party report of Andrea Rossi’s Italian Heater,  so the book is unlikely to be anything short of a global bestseller.

I am terrified.

With the other pathoskeptics, I am probably going to have to eat a hat-full of excrement, followed by a public humiliation by the Eternal Inquisition of the Internet.

The LENR-fanatics are awaiting with the stocks ready (*gasp* ).

Stocks from the church of Ulvila, Finland. Picture: Wikipedia.