The Acid Breath of the Angry Photographer

There is this funny camera guy on Youtube, The Angry Photographer.

He owns a ton of Nikon gear and uses profanity as his trademark. Of course, English profanity is so mild in Finnish standards, that my mother in law would think it is school girl talk, only if she could understand it.

Well, The Angry Photographer if somewhat funny to watch, though he could cut down the length of his presentations to 1/10th of the time he is using repeating f-words and giggling.

I was watching this piece yesterday.

Oh no! I was so shocked to hear, that you should NEVER breath fog on your lenses to wipe them clean. What? Everybody does that. But what really shocked me was, that he said human breath contains harmful acids, that will damage multi-coating of the lenses front element (go to about 1:40 if you don’t want to watch it all).

Of, my! I have been ruining my lenses!

But wait! Were does the acid come from, if you don’t vomit on your lenses (don’t do that, bugger). Human breath should be mostly atmospheric gases, with less oxygen plus some added carbon dioxide and water. Carbon dioxide dissolved to water can be acid, but other than that I would think the fog condensed on your lens from your breath should be practically water, not much else.

Come on, Angry! Though you probably know more about Nikon lenses than I do (and thank god for that), I was breathing on my lenses even before you even needed diapers!


So, what I think is that The Angry Photographer is spreading an other urban legend.

There is nothing more I hate, than a false piece of information disguised as a fact, but is actually just hearsay. Even if spread inadvertently, I cant stomach such an abomination.

Well, we all do that, don’t we (and that’s why I hate it!). So it’s not a big deal, I forgive you, Angry Protographer, and may still watch you videos when I feel somehow inferior and need to know I am not the biggest deuchebag on the planet.

But hey! maybe I am wrong and the acid in human breath really eats through the multi-coating of your lens. If anyone can prove me this is true, I am happy to learn being wrong again and learn new things.

So, true or not, anyone?


P.S. It appears from Internet, that Nikon may have been the source of this piece, but they have since removed the advice not to breath on your lenses from their website.

Update: Here is a post discussing the “acid breath problem”

Nikon had the “acid breath” warning removed from their website shortly after.

Update 2: Found someone else calling bullshit on Angry Photographer:

Update 3: Ken Wheeler, alias Angry Photographer, calls bulshit on Richard Feynman, QED, and claims to be the only person to understand magnetism!

Whoaa! He is so cute! And he owns a shitpile of Nikon lenses! And can explain magnetism! And has an acid breath!

I think this case is closed.

I believe… the Internet simply makes you stranger

Several years ago I was out for dinner with a number of my colleagues.

They were mostly engineers, technical people, maybe one or two business weasels had joined the motley crew. Very intelligent and experienced people from Finland, Japan and America, if I recall the gathering correctly.

I remember making a rather long speech, I may not have been completely sober,  how I believe the Internet is the best thing ever happened to democracy.

But democracy has its limitations, that is, even the ignorant can have they say.  You can vote without knowing why you vote, who you vote, you can do this even without caring what you are doing.

I know this is not a politically correct statement, but how can you really avoid thinking about it: In a democratic election, all votes are equal whether or not you care, or understand what you are doing. How can it be so?

Internet should be the democracy of knowledge. That is fine.

But there is also intellectual ignorance, abundant in the Internet, people not caring what is true and creating they own realities. There is also intellectual terrorism in the Internet, people to are deliberately spreading false claims or outright lies, for one reason or the other,  usually for money.

We have vaccinations critics, we have alternative medicine, we have climate change denial, just to name a few. And it is not so rare that people who support one false idea, support also an other.

These things are not only incredibly stupid, they simply can kill.

Are the people who are promoting alternative realities ready to take responsibility of their actions? I don’t think so, at least it does not seem that way to me.

One phenomenon that is widespread in the Internet  is false expectations for technology, based on bad engineering, pseudoscience and wishful thinking.   And or course, lying for financial benefit.

Internet can make you think that technology and science are advancing to directions they are not. Sure, they are advancing fast, but not as fast as some would like to think.

And fairy-tales are not helping.

We have intellectual ignorance, cowardice, terror and the fairy-tales. What can we do? Of course, you can’t have intellectual dictatorship, or be required to have a license to think, no more than you are required to have a license to vote, in a democratic country.

We all just need understanding, how to learn to care what we think is true; and what, who, and why we want to vote.

I still think the Internet is the best thing ever happened to democracy. But all good things come with a price. The Internet is a powerful entity we have created, and we should take good care, that our children and grandchildren learn how to use it.

And learn it before they learn to read.

Happy New Year in the new, free thinking, democratic world. Lets be carefully out there.


Heat Ledger in “The Dark Knight”: Warner Bros. Pictures, 2008

Monkey see, monkey do – Why not to delete you Facebook account?

Couple of years ago, I deleted my Facebook account.  I was a digital corpse.

I did not like it in Facebook. More precisely, I did not like the digital noise and the fact that everyone was shouting, but nobody was listening. Even with only couple of tens of Facebook friends you don’t really want to know what they are doing all the time. Of course, you can adjust your privacy settings and you can decide not to accept a friend invitation, but on what grounds would you want to reject somebody.

It is just too hard.

Now, a few years later, i find myself again with a Facebook account. Not because I want to have one, but because I noticed that I sometimes need one.  With the new account I have zero friends and I receive no invitations, because I have limited the friend requests to friends of friends.

I know that is weird.  I still expect people to email or call me, if they want to converse. I true fossil I am.

I don’t think Facebook is totally useless, but I think it has created a culture of pseudo-communication that is completely bogus.  And more importantly, it has created a monopoly; you have to have a Facebook account, otherwise you do not exist. Facebook owns you and it owns you data.

Who remembers Diaspora, that was going to be a rival to Facebook,  never heard of it?  Not many have, and it seems to have died away a long time ago. Google+ and other options are far behind Facebook in popularity and  they all fail to solve the basic problem: if you want to change your social platform provider, you have to abandon you data and your friends.

Well, I am not too paranoid about this, because I am sure things will change to the better. Things will change and you will be able to select you  social media provider and you will be able to govern you own data.
Who dare to develop the next step: social network without limits and with freedom to host your data wherever you want to.  Anyways, your data is yours, and you should be able to totally control it. You may be part of Big Data, but your data are Your Data.
I wonder, if digital suicide can have a traumatizing effect on you. In disconnected cyberspace, nobody will hear your scream.