Industrial Heat Dumped Rossi?

Already last year we saw some signs, that the relations between Andrea Rossi and his investor Industrial Heat might not be as they used to be.

What do you say about this, apparently newly published, Leonardo Corporation history? In his blog, “The Journal of Nuclear Physics“, Andrea Rossi writes:


And from the web page:


Something missing? Maybe they just forgot to mention their investors.

(Screen shot from January 7th, 2016, full page in pdf)

European Business Number – they want to steal your money

Just received a letter from one DAD GmbH, a company allegedly registered in Hamburg, Germany.  The letter goes like this:

“Dear Entrepreneur,
In the context of the registration of European companies and the updating of European Business Numbers we ask you to verify your current data:
for accuracy and completeness, and to correct it if necessary. The basic entry and the update are free of charge. If you want to amend /complete any data, please do so on the website and select the menu item registration.
The EBN will publish your information as soon as possible.

(bullshit continues, full scan of the letter at the end of this post)

It all seems very convincing and official. But it is not! It has nothing to do with European Union.  It is an attempt to sell you something. Read the small print carefully:


Especially this line:


It seems they have been sending these letters to many small companies in Europe, you can find references around the Internet, for example here.

The scamming bastards have a nice web site here:


If you ever encounter “European Business Number”, let everyone know: it is a scam devised to steal your company’s money.

Scan of the letter: