Rossi has been granted US patent on the E-Cat — fuel mix specified

LENR fanatics are getting technorgasms over this one. But the rest of the world couldn’t care less.

Believe me, I would rather have this to be true, just that it is not. 

Who really knows what the truth is. However, very often it is easy to spot a falsehood.

This patent adds nothing to Andrea Rossi’s credibility, and the funny thing is that it is not even about LENR or cold fusion. It is just a controlled Italian water heater, which I don’t think would work, if build according to specs using the described fuel.


(Last updated on August 25, 9.17 pm CET). Today Andrea Rossi was granted a patent on his LENR based heating device the E-Cat. The patent, which has the filing date March 14, 2012, can be downloaded here: US9115913B1

As far as I understand, the patent describes the so-called low temperature E-Cat that Rossi showed in semi-public demonstrations at several occasions in 2011, and which is also used in an ongoing 350-day trial of a 1 MW plant, but since it describes core parts of the technology it is probably also valid at a certain extent also for more recent E-Cat models with higher operating temperature.

Note that LENR is not mentioned explicitly in the patent, but also note that the contents of the fuel mix are specified — lithium and lithium aluminium hydride as fuel and a group 10 element, such as nickel in powdered form as the catalyst. This is important…

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