Conversation with Peter Gluck

Recently, I got an inquiry from LENR blogger Peter Gluck. Peter is a true gentleman and I publish our conversation here with his permission.

From: Peter Gluck <>
Date: Jan 9, 2016 11:40
Subject: writing about you in EGO OUT

Dear Timo,

I think it is fair to write about you in my today’s EGO OUT post about the
spectrum of opinions re LENR.
I am in realatively good terms with Mary Yugo- despite the fact she/he insinauted I am rather stupid
– a hypothesis we cannot ignore. I wrote an editorial about Gary Wright who wanted to shut down Rossi and we became kind
of friends- but he has disappeared, who knows why? We were very good friends with Steve Krivit but when I told that it is possible
that Rossi to have/make indeed massive excess heat he got angry with me. His departure from LENR is a great loss, high qualkity
journalist- was the best,
In meantime Rossi is alive and well and very active.
Please tell what you thin k about LENR?LENR+/Rossi.future- what drives and motivates you and i will use your ideas.
You being at the negative end of the spectrum of opinions- can make a great contribution to the interesrtingness of the problem
Please answer here
My warm greetings!

Dr. Peter Gluck

Cluj, Romania

From: Timo Ylhäinen <>
Date: Jan 9, 2016 15:20
Subject: Re: writing about you in EGO OUT
To: Peter Gluck <>

Hi Peter, thank you for your email.

I am glad to take an opportunity to write.

Please give me a day or two.

In the meanwhile,  if you are interested in my line of thinking,  please refer to:

Sincere regards, 
-- ty

On Mon, Jan 11, 2016 at 8:36 AM, Timo Ylhäinen <> wrote:

Dear Peter,

Thank you for asking me to write about my stance in cold fusion debate.

My background is in theoretical physics, though I have not been directly involved with academic circles for decades, but been working for technology and software industry. Still I have been lucky enough to work within engineering fields that require physics, so my education may not be completely wasted.

Currently, I am working as an independent technology consultant without any strong ties to any companies, organizations or entities, other that my customers.

To your questions you have put out on Ego Out; I have a problem understanding some of them and do not like much ticking a box for preselected answers, so let me answer freely.

I have been interested in fringe knowledge since I was a kid. I used to believe in UFOs and paranormal when I was 12, but soon learned that there is true knowledge available. At that time, 45 years ago, searching for knowledge was more difficult than nowadays.

The search for actual knowledge led me to university and studying physics, but as long as I remember, I have been following strange claims and debating with supporters of paranormal, crank medicine and pseudo-science, just to name a few. For this kind of interest, Internet opened a whole new world.

I have not been following cold fusion controversy for that many years though. The academic world pretty much forgot about it since the disaster devised by Fleischmann and Pons. At that time I was working for national radiation security in Finland and was very exited of  possibly of cold fusion, as were many others. Until it became clear that nobody could actually replicate what F&P claimed, so my interest vanished.

The interest was revived by one Italian “businessman” Andrea Rossi. I was amazed that Sven Kullander and Hanno Essén, who Swedish physicists, actually believed Rossi had something.

So I started following Rossi and occasionally wrote down my thoughts in my blog (in Finnish).

At one point, I got a comment from one AlainCo. I asked him not to comment my Finnish blog in English, because it would not serve any purpose; he clearly did not understand what I wrote but did choose to comment anyway.

I admit that I was a bit offended by his aggressive mission to evangelize LENR, so you might want to thank him for waking me up to bug the cold fusion community.

I know many people are offended by my commentary and I cannot blame them. Though I think many people wrongly take critique against their views personally, I have not always been following good manners when writing what I think. That remains my shame only.

Now, I do not know if there is anything behind LENR/Cold fusion, maybe there is. But I am pretty sure it is nothing use-able to energy production. Please do not ask me to investigate “evidence”, I have investigated and found nothing but scattered claims, wishful thinking, sloppy tinkering and downright lunacy.

Cold fusion seems to be similar to paranormal: there is only anecdotal evidence without repeatability. I fear many cold fusion researchers are not recognizing their failure to observe objectively. None of us can do that, we are human.

What comes to Andrea Rossi, I have little doubt in my mind: His endeavour looks like a classical fraud. If he has something real, he has done a formidable job in making it look like absolute bullshit. He probably knows exactly what he is doing; he knows many won’t be able to see behind his smoke and mirrors and sleigh of hand.

I have no mission against cold fusion specifically, only against sloppy research and false ideas in general. Especially I cannot accept fraud and dishonesty, I will fight that if I can, even though I know it won’t make any different.

Should I be wrong, I could say I’d be sorry, but actually probably not. Instead I would use my opportunity to learn new things and be able to look at a very new view of reality.

What could be more trilling than that.

So, with you, I sincerely hope my arguments and opinions really are flawed.

All the best,
— Timo


My blog in English can be found here:

The name of the blog is courtesy to Frank Acland, his juvenile
moderation policy, and all his loyal congregate on ECW.

From: Peter Gluck <>
Date: Jan 11, 2016 08:59
Subject: Re: My answer
To: Timo Ylhäinen <>

Dear Timo,

I will reproduce it as ait is. However it is too mld, too Rossi friendly in my opinion.And much too against cold fusion gnerally- Pd D has results that prove the existence of excess heat- however unexplained and not reproducible- I have expalined in my blog why this happens.
Re Finnish language- I manage Russian, Gwrman, Italian, Spanish, french texts and Hungarian we are speaking at home- but despite some linguistic theory your language and Hungarrian are niot similar. It is a beautiful language- a high vowels/consonants ratio- I will try Google atranslte more. (it was good for Greek and Swedish)
We are a music loving family and it is a Sibelius cult here.
Will come back later, have now to see the LENR publications and my other e-mails.
Ihope we will become friends despite the fact that I am probably more than 2 times your age- not a merit just a fact.