EM-Drive – The space kicksledge rides again

The long awaited peer reviewed em-drive paper is finally out [1]. So what does this prove, that the gizmo works?

Nope. It proves absolutely nothing. Well, the peer reviewers have passed the paper so it is not absolute crapola then, I guess.

No, wait a minute. They speculate that the phenomenon could be explained by some variation of hidden variable quantum mechanics theory.

Quote from the paper:

Before providing some qualitative thoughts on the proposed physics
potentially at work in the tapered RF test articles, it will be useful to
provide a brief background on the supporting physics lines of thought.
In short, the supporting physics model used to derive a force based on
operating conditions in the test article can be categorized as a nonlocal
hidden-variable theory, or pilot-wave theory for short.[1]

Now, that’s absolute bollocks, which is obvious to anyone even remotely familiar with quantum mechanics. That chapter in the paper is completely naive and hand-wavy in it’s content.

Think about the proposition:

  1. The original theory presented by the inventor is absolute crap and has nothing to do with physical reality
  2. Couple of fringe engineers at NASA Eagleworks has managed to get they study peer reviewed
  3. The results are indistinguishable from the error margin
  4. The authors of the paper keep speculating with exotic physical theories. Again
  5. A gadget, if it works, defies the most fundamental laws of physics and is essentially an overunity device of the first kind, which can be easily proven using only high school physics

I am still calling bullshit the on space bucket and make a prediction: No exotics physics is needed to explain what is going on with the EM-Drive.


[1] Measurement of Impulsive Thrust from a Closed Radio-Frequency Cavity in Vacuum

EM-Drive going to infinity – and beyond!

The fantastic space kicksledge, the Em-Drive, has taken a giant leap forward. Apparently, NASA’s Em-Drive paper has been peer reviewed and the review will be published later this year.[1]

Moreover, Cannae Ltd. is supposedly sending they spacebucket to the orbit. That’s certainly progress, hooray! [2]

We also seem to have an other theory, that explains the workings of the flying bucket. Mike McCullouch’s MiHsC (yikes, did I spell that correctly) theory explains exactly what is going on. [3]

Exiting times for the enthusiasts, the world will never be the same again!


If you believe the Internet buzz and are not paying attention, that is.

Of course, for those who have been following the Em-Drive saga and did not forget to think in the process, it is obvious that the evidence is piling against Em-Drive, not for it.

[1]  NASA’s impossible space engine passes peer review: http://www.forbes.com/sites/startswithabang/2016/09/02/nasas-impossible-space-engine-the-emdrive-passes-peer-review/#47bd77e4692c

[2]  The Impossible Propulsion Drive Is Heading to Space: http://www.popularmechanics.com/science/energy/a22678/em-drive-cannae-cubesat-reactionless/

[3] Bad Physics: https://plus.google.com/117663015413546257905/posts/E1ecoYsa5ae



EM-drive baloney continues

Summer vacation has given me better things to do, like wandering the Finnish wilderness, so I have not had time to follow all weird and fringe lately.

EM-drive baloney keeps to be constantly propagated, this time by a group of physicists from Finland [1].  Ah, what a treat from countrymen, again! The main contributor seems to be  Arto Annila,  a supporter of “Holistic Worldview“.

International Business Times writes [1]:

“A new peer-reviewed paper on the EmDrive from Finland states that the controversial electromagnetic space propulsion technology does work due to microwaves fed into the device converting into photons that leak out of the closed cavity, producing an exhaust”

In the original paper [2], the authors deduct that:

“We infer that the EM drive expels photons in pairs where the two co-propagate with 180 degree phase difference”

Well, while I do not understand how pairs of photons like that are supposed carry out momentum and energy, let’s assume for amusement that they do.  Would that save the fabulous Em-Drive from ridicule and get us to the stars?

Whilst I do acknowledge that the writers do not seem to agree with Shawyer’s own pseudo-scientific theory, they write:

“We believe that the proposed comprehension about the paired-photon exhaust will be helpful in optimizing power to thrust by engineering the cavity so that the photons will pair with opposite phases and exit from a preferred surface.”

If correct, all this would mean that Roger Shawyer’s bucket is a very, very inefficient photon rocket. How would that be interesting or useful as a space drive. The answer is, it would not.

It would be absolutely useless.


Bummer. Double bummer.


[1] EmDrive: Finnish physicist says controversial space propulsion device does have an exhaust

[2] On the exhaust of electromagnetic drive (Arto Annila et. al.)

The end of the E-Cat saga – or maybe not

It’s been a lot of fun to follow Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat scam over the past five years.

Before Rossi, I had not been following cold fusion controversy for that many years though. The academic world pretty much forgot about it since the disaster devised by Fleischmann and Pons. At that time I was working for national radiation security in Finland and was very exited of  possibility of cold fusion, as were many others. Until it became clear that nobody could actually replicate what F&P claimed, so my interest vanished.

The interest was revived by one Italian “businessman” Andrea Rossi. I was amazed that Sven Kullander and Hanno Essén, two Swedish physicists, actually believed Rossi had something.

So I started following Rossi and occasionally wrote down my thoughts in my blog (in Finnish).


At one point, I got a comment from one AlainCo. I asked him not to comment my Finnish blog in English, because it would not serve any purpose; he clearly did not understand what I wrote (In Finnish) but did choose to comment anyway.

I admit that I was a bit offended by his aggressive mission to evangelize LENR, so you might want to thank him for waking me up to bug the cold fusion community.

I know many people are offended by my commentary around the Internet  and I cannot blame them. Though I think many people wrongly take critique against their views personally, I have not always been following good manners when writing what I think. That remains my shame only.

Now, I do not know if there is anything behind LENR/Cold fusion, maybe there is. But I am pretty sure it is nothing usable to energy production. Please do not ask me to investigate “evidence”, I have investigated and found nothing but scattered claims, wishful thinking, sloppy tinkering and downright lunacy.

Cold fusion seems to be similar to paranormal: there is only anecdotal evidence without repeatability. I fear many cold fusion researchers are not recognizing their failure to observe objectively. None of us can do that, we are human.

What comes to Andrea Rossi, no one sane should have any doubt:: His endeavor is a  classical fraud. And if he has something real, he has done a formidable job in making it look like absolute bullshit.

But he probably knows exactly what he is doing; he knows many won’t be able to see behind his smoke and mirrors and sleigh of hand.

Actually, I believe Rossi may weasel his way out of this and even get some more money [1]. Also, He will probably become a messiah for his believers, taking his great secret to his grave.

Who knows, its a weird world.

Some of the original Rossi fans like AlainCo and Jed Rothwell seem to see the light now, which is somewhat amazing [2].

Others are building they personal neverlands and turning into complete maniacs, like Torkel Nyberg of the Sifferkoll [3]. His writings have lately resembled nothing but musings of a madman. If Torkel is honest and actually believes what he writes, I feel sorry for him. But then,  given the fact that Internet is full of false prophets,  collateral damage is inevitable.

However, the most enigmatic person for me is Mats Lewan. He has recently closed the comments on his site and seems to be completely assimilated by the E-Cat cult by now [4].







New Clownery

There seems to be new clownery available in the E-Cat Realm.


Please refer to coverage by Steven Krivit [1].

Steven does believe LENR is real, and that sets us apart. Otherwise I think he is honest and who knows, maybe he is right; maybe this mysterious energy source they call LENR really exist.

But Andrea Rossi’s energy scam seems to be over. Time for the end-game?

Wonder how long that will take.

[1] http://news.newenergytimes.net/2016/04/06/convicted-fraudster-rossi-accuses-licensee-industrial-heat-of-fraud/