New round for good Dottore Rossi

Andrea Rossi has announced, that his one year megawatto e-catto test has now been completed [1]. Ahead of schedule! Wow, this man works so hard his years seems to be shorter than for us mere mortals.

Now we wait for the report from mysterious “ERV” (thats rossitalk and supposedly means ”Expert Responsible for Validation”). Should be ready within a month, according to Rossi, and thus looks like we are going to get it for April’s Fool’s Day.

So, whats’ next? Let me guess.

Rossi will inform, that the test was a success but no detailed report is publicly available because it is confidential. Also, there are some problems with old e-cat technology, so the modules should be replace by the brave new E-Cat X.

And then we wait for couple of more years. And the believers will be fascinated by the genius of good Dottore Rossi.

Same pattern has repeated several times already, so I why would the basic story change. It won’t.

Of course, this is not a guess, because Rossi has already said, he will now totally concentrate in new E-Cat X, with a whole new team [2].

Meanwhile, Mats Lewan seems to be entering deeper into never-never land [3].

More empty talk coming up. More excess heat.

Interested to see if the entertainment value will still be there after all these years.


The Lookalikes

[1] 17/02/2016: A historic date to remember

[2] The E-Nut World

[3] Mats Lewan in Never-Never Land


The Acid Breath of the Angry Photographer

There is this funny camera guy on Youtube, The Angry Photographer.

He owns a ton of Nikon gear and uses profanity as his trademark. Of course, English profanity is so mild in Finnish standards, that my mother in law would think it is school girl talk, only if she could understand it.

Well, The Angry Photographer if somewhat funny to watch, though he could cut down the length of his presentations to 1/10th of the time he is using repeating f-words and giggling.

I was watching this piece yesterday.

Oh no! I was so shocked to hear, that you should NEVER breath fog on your lenses to wipe them clean. What? Everybody does that. But what really shocked me was, that he said human breath contains harmful acids, that will damage multi-coating of the lenses front element (go to about 1:40 if you don’t want to watch it all).

Of, my! I have been ruining my lenses!

But wait! Were does the acid come from, if you don’t vomit on your lenses (don’t do that, bugger). Human breath should be mostly atmospheric gases, with less oxygen plus some added carbon dioxide and water. Carbon dioxide dissolved to water can be acid, but other than that I would think the fog condensed on your lens from your breath should be practically water, not much else.

Come on, Angry! Though you probably know more about Nikon lenses than I do (and thank god for that), I was breathing on my lenses even before you even needed diapers!


So, what I think is that The Angry Photographer is spreading an other urban legend.

There is nothing more I hate, than a false piece of information disguised as a fact, but is actually just hearsay. Even if spread inadvertently, I cant stomach such an abomination.

Well, we all do that, don’t we (and that’s why I hate it!). So it’s not a big deal, I forgive you, Angry Protographer, and may still watch you videos when I feel somehow inferior and need to know I am not the biggest deuchebag on the planet.

But hey! maybe I am wrong and the acid in human breath really eats through the multi-coating of your lens. If anyone can prove me this is true, I am happy to learn being wrong again and learn new things.

So, true or not, anyone?


P.S. It appears from Internet, that Nikon may have been the source of this piece, but they have since removed the advice not to breath on your lenses from their website.

Update: Here is a post discussing the “acid breath problem”

Nikon had the “acid breath” warning removed from their website shortly after.

Update 2: Found someone else calling bullshit on Angry Photographer:

Update 3: Ken Wheeler, alias Angry Photographer, calls bulshit on Richard Feynman, QED, and claims to be the only person to understand magnetism!

Whoaa! He is so cute! And he owns a shitpile of Nikon lenses! And can explain magnetism! And has an acid breath!

I think this case is closed.

The Judgement Day is near

It should very soon be a moment of truth for Andrea Rossi’s megawatto e-catto. The test period should be complete in about one month, a least that is what the good dottore has been telling us mere mortals.

It also seems, that we LENR/E-Cat deniers are facing a grim fate, when the truth is revealed to whole world and we are forced to see.


I was recently approached by LENR blogger Peter Gluck. He has asked Rossi opponents, including my humble self, for answers to some of his questions in his blog. Well, I am not an opponent to anyone and found myself unable to answer the questions [1] directly, but I did write something.

Conversation between Peter and myself, including my answer to his blog, can be found here and is published with Peter’s permission:

Peter is a true gentleman and an honest person, as far as I can tell.

But this doomsday approaching is scary. Should I say my prayers?



Industrial Heat Dumped Rossi?

Already last year we saw some signs, that the relations between Andrea Rossi and his investor Industrial Heat might not be as they used to be.

What do you say about this, apparently newly published, Leonardo Corporation history? In his blog, “The Journal of Nuclear Physics“, Andrea Rossi writes:


And from the web page:


Something missing? Maybe they just forgot to mention their investors.

(Screen shot from January 7th, 2016, full page in pdf)

European Business Number – they want to steal your money

Just received a letter from one DAD GmbH, a company allegedly registered in Hamburg, Germany.  The letter goes like this:

“Dear Entrepreneur,
In the context of the registration of European companies and the updating of European Business Numbers we ask you to verify your current data:
for accuracy and completeness, and to correct it if necessary. The basic entry and the update are free of charge. If you want to amend /complete any data, please do so on the website and select the menu item registration.
The EBN will publish your information as soon as possible.

(bullshit continues, full scan of the letter at the end of this post)

It all seems very convincing and official. But it is not! It has nothing to do with European Union.  It is an attempt to sell you something. Read the small print carefully:


Especially this line:


It seems they have been sending these letters to many small companies in Europe, you can find references around the Internet, for example here.

The scamming bastards have a nice web site here:


If you ever encounter “European Business Number”, let everyone know: it is a scam devised to steal your company’s money.

Scan of the letter:



About fooling ourselves – and getting fooled

Ethan Siegel writes in his article [1] about how we cannot be experts in everything and how we are easily fooled by others and by ourselves.

As examples of fooled minds, bad science and scientific fraud Siegel uses for example Em-Drive and Cold Fusion.

“We like to think, as human beings, if we can only keep an open mind, that anything is possible. That if we put our minds to it, buckle down and do our research and apply ourselves 100%, we can not only understand what’s going on as well as any expert, but that we ourselves can make valuable contributions to whatever field we’re interested in. “…

I don’t have much to add to what he says. I just wish people would understand, that while positive thinking may be important, it is equally important to practice skeptical thinking.

To avoid being fooled, if you care.

The reader comments of Siegel’s article highlight very clearly, that people actually often prefer fooling themselves, than thinking straight.

[1] The EM Drive, NASA’s ‘Impossible Engine,’ Highlights Our Greatest Failing

Cold fusion theories and the return of the nutty professor

There seem to have been a busy fall for cold fusion supporters. At least three new theories to explain LENR/Cold fusion have emerged, one from France and two from Sweden.

That is excellent, I think it is time for the cold fusion crowd to finally explain the phenomena they seem to think are actually happening.

An Air Bus employee, Jean-Francois Geneste, announced earlier this year, that he will have ‘major theoretical breakthrough’ in cold fusion in October [1]. He has now made his theory public and it is available here [2].

Well, I did read part of it. Sorry to say, but if this is his breakthrough, then with supporters like him, cold fusion does not need debunkers like me.

In Sweden, we have Carl-Oscar Gullström, who earlier published a paper about his cold fusion theory [3], that was praised by Dottore Rossi himself, has now published an other one [4].

I haven’t had time to read Gullströms new paper, but the first one was quite simple practice of WBK approximation and I don’t think it has any credibility in explaining the hypothesized LENR phenomena. I have to admit though, that my physics has long ago rusted, so I could always be wrong.

An other Swedish paper, by Rickard Lundin and Hans Lidgren, claims to explain LENR by Ponderomotive Forces [5]. The “breakhtrough” has been covered by Mats Lewan in his blog:


Well, ponderomotive forces are nothing new and they should be well understood. Again, maybe I am wrong, but it looks like to me that this paper, which seems to be using classical electromagnetic theory only, is taking a shortcut to explaining a phenomenon, that is very controversial and cannot be reliably replicated.

Of course you are allowed to study anything, great things have been found by accident before. But what worries me, is that Lundin and Lidgren do explicitly mention the sleight of hand performed by Andrea Rossi in Lugano.

Sweden seems to have an abundance of cold fusion scientists (*). And it looks strange to me how they seem to think it is somehow necessary to device a theory; just to explain physically an Italian investment fraud.

[1] J.F. Geneste’s announcement on E-Nut World

[2] J. F Geneste: LENR from experiment to theory

[3] Carl-Oscar Gullström: Low radiation fusion through bound neutron tunneling

[4] Carl-Oscar Gullström: Gamma Free Nuclear Transition Through De-exitation of Spin 0 Strong Force Exited States

[5] Rickard Lundin and Hans Lidgren: Nuclear Spallation and Neutron Capture Induced by Ponderomotive Wave Forcing

[6] Ponderomotive Force in Wikipedia

I was going to write “Nutty professors”, but didn’t dare to.