The end of the E-Cat saga – or maybe not

It’s been a lot of fun to follow Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat scam over the past five years.

Before Rossi, I had not been following cold fusion controversy for that many years though. The academic world pretty much forgot about it since the disaster devised by Fleischmann and Pons. At that time I was working for national radiation security in Finland and was very exited of  possibility of cold fusion, as were many others. Until it became clear that nobody could actually replicate what F&P claimed, so my interest vanished.

The interest was revived by one Italian “businessman” Andrea Rossi. I was amazed that Sven Kullander and Hanno Essén, two Swedish physicists, actually believed Rossi had something.

So I started following Rossi and occasionally wrote down my thoughts in my blog (in Finnish).

At one point, I got a comment from one AlainCo. I asked him not to comment my Finnish blog in English, because it would not serve any purpose; he clearly did not understand what I wrote (In Finnish) but did choose to comment anyway.

I admit that I was a bit offended by his aggressive mission to evangelize LENR, so you might want to thank him for waking me up to bug the cold fusion community.

I know many people are offended by my commentary around the Internet  and I cannot blame them. Though I think many people wrongly take critique against their views personally, I have not always been following good manners when writing what I think. That remains my shame only.

Now, I do not know if there is anything behind LENR/Cold fusion, maybe there is. But I am pretty sure it is nothing usable to energy production. Please do not ask me to investigate “evidence”, I have investigated and found nothing but scattered claims, wishful thinking, sloppy tinkering and downright lunacy.

Cold fusion seems to be similar to paranormal: there is only anecdotal evidence without repeatability. I fear many cold fusion researchers are not recognizing their failure to observe objectively. None of us can do that, we are human.

What comes to Andrea Rossi, no one sane should have any doubt:: His endeavor is a  classical fraud. And if he has something real, he has done a formidable job in making it look like absolute bullshit.

But he probably knows exactly what he is doing; he knows many won’t be able to see behind his smoke and mirrors and sleigh of hand.

Actually, I believe Rossi may weasel his way out of this and even get some more money [1]. Also, He will probably become a messiah for his believers, taking his great secret to his grave.

Who knows, its a weird world.

Some of the original Rossi fans like AlainCo and Jed Rothwell seem to see the light now, which is somewhat amazing [2].

Others are building they personal neverlands and turning into complete maniacs, like Torkel Nyberg of the Sifferkoll [3]. His writings have lately resembled nothing but musings of a madman. If Torkel is honest and actually believes what he writes, I feel sorry for him. But then,  given the fact that Internet is full of false prophets,  collateral damage is inevitable.

However, the most enigmatic person for me is Mats Lewan. He has recently closed the comments on his site and seems to be completely assimilated by the E-Cat cult by now [4].







Energy storage innovation from Finland

There is a new energy storage innovation from Finnish company Teraloop [1].

It is supposed to be a solution to large scale energy storage problems. They plan to store 16GWh (!!!) of energy using a large underground moving mass. Kinda enormous maglev train on circular track [1] [2].

“Put simply, the Teraloop system could be described as rotating masses which operate underground, guaranteeing a minimal environmental footprint, while staying conveniently out of sight.”
.. read more on Teraloop

Yeah, 16GWh equals the energy of an atomic bomb… whooaa. I hope they build it sturdy.

Basic physics suggests something may be wrong as shown in Finnish blog by a group of technology and physics experts [3]. The base line is, there is no technology nor material to ever build such a thing even if you wanted to.

Since I am a kind person, I sincerely hope there is an explanation that makes sense. I really hope what they are planning really can work in this universe, and is not just meant to create an ego trip for the founders.

It seems they got some money/loan from Tekes (Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation). If they did, I sure hope it is not for innovation with mentioned specifications.

That would make we very pissed off, it’s Finnish tax payers money, damn it. I hope it is not true and this is a misunderstanding.


[1] Teraloop
[2] Patent application
[3] (unfortunately in Finnish)

New Clownery

There seems to be new clownery available in the E-Cat Realm.


Please refer to coverage by Steven Krivit [1].

Steven does believe LENR is real, and that sets us apart. Otherwise I think he is honest and who knows, maybe he is right; maybe this mysterious energy source they call LENR really exist.

But Andrea Rossi’s energy scam seems to be over. Time for the end-game?

Wonder how long that will take.



Fan confusions

It’s nice to have fans!

But right now some people seem to confuse me with pseudonym Mary Yugo, the number one nightmare of cold-fusionist crowd! [1]

Maybe I should be honored, but sorry, Mary is not me and I am not Mary.

I was banned from the LENR-forum not once, but twice.

No, I am not proud. Just saying.



Sloppy replication of an epic error

Martin Fleischmann memorial project has had a major breakthrough [1]. They have replicated the epic failure of Pons and Fleischmann. Some may remember that P&F were discredited, not because they thought they invented “cold fusion”, but because of their communication error: too much and too early [1].

I had higher hopes for these guys (and I mean MFMP [1]). I did not think they would resort to such sloppy tinkering and wishful thinking, that has been so emblematic to cold fusion community.

Mats Lewan bets his ass for the these guys, of course [2].

I don’t have anything else to say, than it is nice to have a new twist to refresh the already diminishing entertainment factor of the E-Cat saga.

Oh, almost forgot. The recipe.


1. Bake Ni
2. Reduce Ni
3. Hydrogenate Ni
4. Mix: Ni + LiAlH4 + Li
5. Bake and vac reactor, add Mix, vac warm, add H2, Vac
6. Heat to above Mössbauer determined Ni Debye (say 135C), pressure regulated to approx 1bar abs.
7. Hold, pressure regulated to approx 1bar abs.
8. Heat slowly to as close to Ni Curie as comfortable (Say 340C), pressure regulated to approx 1bar abs.
9. Hold, pressure regulated to approx 1bar abs.
10. Slowly lower temp to above highest known Ni Debye (Say 220C), pressure regulated to approx 1bar abs.
11. Hold, pressure regulated to approx 1bar abs.
12. Go as fast as possible through Ni Curie
13. Hold, pressure regulated to approx 0.5bar abs.
14. Cycle through 500C internal, pressure regulated to approx 0.5bar abs.
15. Hold, pressure regulated to approx 0.5bar abs.
16. Raise internal temperature to over 1200, pressure regulated to approx 0.5bar abs.
17. Drop to around 1000C and hold, pressure regulated to approx 0.5bar abs.
18. Raise internal temperature to near boiling point of Lithium
Some of the above steps may in time be redundant.
1h Thermal > x/β- (0-100KeV) emissions thermalised in Lead > IR/THz (via blackbody) > 5h (SSM)
where ‘>’ means ‘leads to’