Utele theory by Jorma Saarni

This is a snaphot from Way Back Machine, may 22, 2009. Crazy stuff, isn’t it? Unfortunately, the sub-pages are missing, but if you don’t mind reading more ultimate crap, you can try to dig them from the Way Back machine.

The UTELE Theory in brief

This article contains the most important key points of the UTELE Theory.

Part 1. Origin of the Universe

Our Universe was born in the collision of opposing fundamental forces. We call this event the BIG POLES. After the collision, the Universe expanded and settled down into its constant size. There is however, continuous expansion and contraction occurring within the Universe. The breathing Universe is in a dynamic balance.

Part 2. Time

The collision of the fundamental forces caused a closed space, wherein time was born. Time exists only in a closed space. The opposite of time is timelessness (no time), which is associated with infinite space. Time is an absolute concept, that is, it always has the same “speed”. At the NOW moment, time is zero. Time can be inspected only as the time between two NOW moments.

Part 3. Anti-gravitation and Gravitation

Gravitation does have an opposing force – anti-gravitation. Gravitation and anti-gravitation have an effect on everything in our Universe. Gravitation and anti-gravitation change in relation to each other depending on their place in the Universe. Gravitation causes gravitation mass in matter (mass or anti-mass), whereas anti-gravitation reduces it.

Part 4. Antimatter

Antimatter exists throughout our Universe, even on earth. Antimatter exists within the atom nucleus. Matter and antimatter can exist together without destroying each other. Atoms and anti-atoms are formed of matter and antimatter.

Part 5. The electron and positron

All matter and antimatter are formed of matter particles containing only two particles – electrons and positrons. This also means that quarks do not exist. Neutrons and protons are not primary particles, but that they have an internal structure. For example, the matter part of the proton space is built of positron particles.

Part 6. Basic forces

Micro and macro sounds are the primary and original forces. They transfer information timelessly. The fundamental forces are the first forces of our Universe that are bound to time. The fundamental forces create gravitational and anti-gravitational forces that have an effect inside special quantum. Magnetic and electrical forces are created from gravitational and anti-gravitational forces.

Part 7. Energy

Energy is more primary than matter. Force is more primary than energy. Energy does not create force, but it is itself a part of force physics.